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Friday, 15 February 2019
Insights from citizen observers and inspiring plans ahead

Insights from citizen observers and inspiring plans ahead

Last Thursday, 7th February 2019, eGovalb with the Ground Truth 2.0 project's Swedish citizen observatory VattenFokus arranged a meeting in Nyköping in collaboration with officials from Länsstyrelsen i Södermanlands län (the County Administrative Board for Södermanland).

Friday, 25 January 2019
WORKSHOP: Europe and e-Democracy in the run-up to the EP election

Brussels, January 29, 2019

How can the European Union, European Governments, Parliaments and civil society organisations take profit of technology to engage their citizens and improve our democracies?

Join us for the upcoming half-day workshop entitled “Europe and e-Democracy in the run-up to the EP election” in Brussels!

Thursday, 25 October 2018
Youth-programme participants Donovan Wooten and Maya Sanders record observations with iNaturalist.Credit: Catie Rafferty/mediasanctuary.org

No PhDs needed: how citizen science is transforming research

Projects that recruit the public are getting more ambitious and diverse, but the field faces some growing pains.


Filip Meysman knew he had made his mark on Antwerp when he overheard commuters discussing his research project on the train. Then, just a few days later, he saw an advertisement about his work on television. There it was, he says, “in between the toothpaste and George Clooney’s Nespresso”.

As a biogeochemist at the University of Antwerp in Belgium, Meysman wasn’t used to drawing so much attention. But that was before he adopted the citizens of northern Belgium as research partners. With the help of the Flemish environmental protection agency and a regional newspaper, Meysman and a team of non-academics attracted more than 50,000 people to CurieuzeNeuzen, an effort to assess the region’s air quality (the name is a play on Antwerp dialect for ‘nosy’ people).


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Wednesday, 05 December 2018
European Vocational Skills Week!

SkillsMatch project invites training providers, career guidance counselors, employers and professional organizations for a two-day workshop on co-creating the future of employability and soft skills frameworks. The goal of the co-creation workshop will be to design solutions and brainstorm ideas on:

Thursday, 25 October 2018
Danish Embassy guests intrigued by eGovlab-methodology

After visiting eGovlab, Nordic-Baltic Tech and Health team members open for further contact

Friday the 16th of November eGovlab was happy to welcome a delegation from the Trade Center of the Danish Embassy. As a part of the Nordic-Baltic Tech and Health team, our guests were interested in our co-creation method and wanted to know more about eGovlab's recent projects.